19-21 Nov 2018 CNRS Campus - Gif sur Yvette (France)


CSA NTX is building a European Research Community incorporating excellence research centers involved in electronics, microwave, photonics,

EXEMI deals with the definition of the research topics, system architectures and future impact associated with Extreme Scale Electromagnetic Interaction (EXEMI). In particular, the main objectives are: defining the EXEMI conceptual framework and European excellences; coordinating physical studies of light and matter interaction together with nanofabrication and multiscale modelling platforms, with emphasis in harmonizing measurements and characterization techniques across different communities.

This research area addresses the enabling capacity/improvement of the performances of electromagnetic (EM) systems over the whole frequency spectrum through (extreme) sub-wavelength wave-matter interaction:

  • Concepts and devices borrowed from RF to TeraHertz @ nanoscale (Nano antennas, Novel tx lines & Nanoscale interconnects, Extreme miniaturization of cavities and filters, Single photon emitters and detectors, Superconductor based electronics);
  •  New microwave/terahertz phenomena and devices activated by nano-scale EM/Optics Interactions (Nanoscale light/matter interaction, Sub-wavelength collective optical sources), Ultra-flat scanning beam aperture antennas, Reconfigurable metasurfaces, Phased nanostructured apertures & RF Lenses).

This PhD school is dedicated to latest theoretical and practical research advances teaching sessions in this field, at European level in confrontation with international competitors.

This event is an opportunity to exchange research expertise in multidisciplinary areas and to boost collaborative initiatives towards European Excellence continuation.

PhD students are invited to present their research works at poster session (highly recommended).



Organized by

ESPCI Paris - School of Chemistry and Physics - Paris - France - www.espci.fr

Local scientific committee

Charlotte Tripon-Canseliet - Physics and Materials science Lab - www.lpem.espci.fr

Rémi Carminati  - Langevin Institute - www.institut-langevin.espci.fr/the_langevin_institute

Yannick De Wilde - Langevin Institute -  www.institut-langevin.espci.fr/the_langevin_institute  


Local administrative committee

Rositsa Yancheva - European affairs department


Registration fees

Free for PhD students and members affiliated to CSA NTX  but mandatory 

Affiliation outside CSA NTX partnership:

PhD students  : 205 euros

Post Doc and others: 410 euros 


Please refer to Registration section - Limited to 40 persons 


Accommodation and Venue

Possible On-site accommodation.

For booking, please contact us at exemi-school@espci.fr

Accommodation in double rooms is possible and will be organised according to the places available.


CNRS campus

3 Avenue de la Terrasse
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette




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